The most famous jewels

The historic Jewellery shop Sergio Tamburini hosts the most glamorous and luxury brands, jewels in gold and silver.
You’re invited to find out the new collection.
Among the proposals we have watches and jewellery including earrings, rings, sets, bracelets, but also accessories that can be remarkable gift ideas.

Following the most glamorous brands:


Salvini Jewellery

Since two centuries the elegance drawn from the light.

Real jewels made in Italy, hand made shaping, molding and crafting with knowledge and skill.

Mirco Visconti

Fine jewels in gold, diamonds and emeralds since 1947.

Gems and preciuos stones are skilfully combined to give life to unique and exclusive objects.
From the traditional italian goldsmith art.

Fope Jewellery

A new way to explore the beauty.

Fope in jewellery is the original icon of Italian creativity. Has been working with young artists for the creation of jewellery that are true works of art. His creations have time on their side: time, which means research, invention and development of new pleasures.

Barakà Jewellery

Jewels style for man and woman.

A clean design made from technical innovation and avant-garde. Since 1975 the company produces with intuition and enthusiasm, manifacturing valuable engineering products.

Zancan Jewels

Innovation, elegance and attention to details.

The jewels Zancan are a combination of authentic craftsmanship and continued investment in modern technology and forefront.
A professional team takes care of every step of the production process.

Scarabeo Jewels

Gold and color are the ingredient for unique creations.

A true example of italian design. Scarabeo employs the most traditional techniques. This is what matters for those who looks for an exclusive and different object.



Baume & Mercier

The extreme luxury of Swiss watch.

All the watches are made through an high quality assembly process, based on a traditional production technique called “établissage”, that means the exchange of the work between craftsmen having best skill.


A centenarian tradition swiss watch.

The Longines’ tradition started in 1832, with elegant and classic pieces for those who want a perfect style.
The technical research carried out by Longines brought several prizes, that gave the company the most award collector concerning the international exhibitions.

Montblanc Watches

The perfect balance between swiss tradition and watches manufacturing

Shape, style and materials are the result of a refined mastery that for more than a century are reflected in its lofty products. Artists and craftsmen, creators of timeless works.


From the United States to Switzerland to mark our time.

Shape, personality and unique design, combining the American spirit and the Swiss technology.
A 120 years journey inspired by aviation, cinema and high technologies.




The silver of Florentine origin.

The strength and consistency of silver Brandimart appears to touch and to view the new collections from soft surfaces and gently curved, with slightly arched forms and essential able to capture and release the light.

Greggio – Dogale

The total passion of “Made in Italy”.

A real reference for those who wants silver forniture made in Italy. Refined and elegant products that will give a perfect touch to your ambience.
Dogale is the right conjunction between decorated glass and silver.

Casa Reale

Attention to details and emotions in silver.

Over 30 years with passion and skill creating unique silver products, able to bring a long lasting time luxury to your house.




The soul and the essence of the message.

An object that tells emotions and keeps the timeless charm through the ages.
Seduction of the trendy old and incarnation of the contemporary fashion spirit.


Fine Jewellery accessible to all.

Born in the 80s in Sesto Fiorentino always gives personality and imagination to the wearer. Jewelry made in Italy and made with love and passion. Jewels made in modular products.

Thomas Sabo

Fine Jewellery accessible to all.

Since 1984 the name Thomas Sabo has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery of the highest quality and for high-end beauty products. The unmistakable Sterling Silver collection give the brand its face.


Fine Jewellery accessible to all.

Bliss is synonymous of classic jewellery, the most important point is elegance, creativity and exclusive collections.