would you like a jewel that symbolizes you?

Shine like a star with Tamburini jewels

Tamburini jewellery shop in center of Rimini present various types of handcrafted jewellery and famous brands:


In ancient times, the bracelets were a symbol of protection and prestige, today they are the sophistication key.
We have various types of bracelets: embellished with gems or pearls.


Ring is an ancient seal, that symbolized the total dedication to the man who had given it. Precious gifts for the one you love.
Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls are the basis of our rings, that are unique creations and crafts.
The ring is the symbol of love for excellence and gives moments unrepeatable.


Our earrings are carefully chosen because they should reflect the tastes and passions of the woman who wearing. Perfect for special occasions. They give light to face, by their reflections and colors.


The necklace is placed in the most delicate and sensitive part of body, between the heart and face. It can be a gift perfect for someone we love and is an accessory for special occasions. We have several types currently in: gold, silver and pearls. Also, an important role play have the parure.